Past Projects

Large Size Diameter Pipes


Large size steel pipes are also an easy install for Network Directional Drilling. All steel pipes up to 1080mm have been installed successfully and to the customers complete satisfaction.


In particular a 1080mm steel pipeline was installed by Network Directional Drilling in Geelong. The customer was amazed how quick a pipeline of this size was installed. The bore was 45m long and 3.5m to the invert. See the flash box.






This project was completed in the Otway Ranges in Victoria in 2012. The pipe was 660mm concrete reinforced steel, the bore was 120 metres long through a large ridge,  12m deep and the material was a mixture of clay and mudstone.


Another unique horizontal bore on the same project was the installation of and 825mm steel sleeve down a steep mountain range at a 43% grade. The sleeve was 70m long






Gravity Sewer Main

Since 2005, Network Directional Drilling has grown to be a trusted name in the installation of gravity sewer by horizontal directional drilling methodology, with a strike rate of success unsurpassed for flatter grade bores. Doesn’t matter whether its  P.V.C or P.E , 100mm or 400mm, 1.5 m deep or over 6m deep,  sand, clay or shale, a house drain or a supply main.... We drill to the ‘mill


We challenge you to compare our fixed quotes to the price of a laser borer or Micro tunnel contractor. We will be faster, cheaper and successful. We do have a service guarantee, however some conditions do apply. Contact us for a quote.



Network Directional Drilling has held contracts directly to Telstra and some of its “umbrella contractors” since 1996. We have installed  thousands of metres of conduits ranging from single, multiple and nest of multiple ducts. Pit and pipe/ manhole, cable hauling all over Victoria and interstate. 

This type of work is complimented by the owners direct employment in the early 90’s as a foreman in the civil department of Telstra.


Water Main

The company has huge experience in the installation of P.E water main. Constructing water main pipelines for  most of Victoria’s water boards. Typical sizes are 125, 180, 250, 355, 400mm. Project sizes vary from just a road crossing to 10km project. Extensive experience in Polly Welding and electro fusion


Gas Main

From 2005, Network directional Boring has been heavily involved in the construction of the Victorian Reginal Towns Natural Gas Supply and Reticulation Main Rollout.


We installed over 40km of directional drilling to the Victorian towns of Woodend, Gisborne, Barwon Heads.


These projects involved a full turn-key service from pressure testing to working with live gas. Our staff are licensed to work with live gas.