Directional Drills


We call it “Mighty mouse” it’s our Vermeer D7x11 series 2 and is a 2 tonne drill with a footprint that is small enough to use in a front or back yard. Under driveways, installing a house sewer drain,  under a garage, a large tree. 


The D7x11 series 2 is able to drill 300mm offset from a building line or building.


Really fast set up and perfect for 25mm diameter pipe but also P.V.C and P.E pipelines up to 350mm diameter.   Sewer and stormwater pipes on grade.




Our Vermeer  36x50 series 2 Directional Drill is the most popular and reliable medium sized directional drill around.


With its large drill rods, high thrust and rotation torque, more than ample  mud pump makes it capable of installing all large P.E and steel pipelines.


It has 160m of drill rods on the machine, it’s got the capacity to install lengths well over 250m in length.

See our past projects to see its amazing installs!


Hydro Excavator, Potholing  and electronic cable locations

The Vermeer 8000l vacuum tank and potholer with hydraulic boom makes potholing services and mains fast and cost effective. The 8000l slurry tank has enough capacity for a days drilling.


Being that we are prodometly a drilling company,  we do take a lot more care in the location of existing services. As avoiding damage to services is a huge priority to a premium drilling company.


 We have extensive experience in reading and de-coding all asset plans.Sewer, water, gas, power and especially Telstra plans with the owners extensive experience as an employee for 8 years with the Telco. 

See our past projects for its amazing installs!